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Is root canal treatment reliable?

Is root canal treatment reliable?

In daily life, common dental caries, chronic or acute pulpitis, periapical inflammation and other oral inflammations can be treated with root canal therapy. 

Since root canal treatment is so popular, is root canal treatment reliable?

Dental experts tell you that under normal circumstances, as long as you go to a regular and professional dental hospital for comprehensive oral treatment, 

the success rate of root canal treatment can reach about 90%. And the reason why it can be supported by people in society is because it has unique advantages:


1. Flexibility: If root canal treatment is combined with an advanced electronic root canal measuring instrument, the depth of the root tip can be measured more 

accurately, achieving the ideal treatment effect and reducing the patient's pain.

2. Safety: For those suffering from severe systemic diseases, root canal treatment is undoubtedly the safest and most feasible treatment method, because 

it can minimize the risk and relieve the patient’s pain to the greatest extent. Sickness.

3. Economical: Because root canal treatment can keep natural teeth in a complete and biologically appropriate state without having to extract the affected teeth, 

there is no need to borrow adjacent teeth to support the denture device, eliminating abnormal pressure and reducing The cost of making dentures is reduced to the greatest extent.

4. Good effect: Root canal treatment can maintain the integrity of the natural tooth arrangement, prevent the displacement of adjacent teeth, tooth decay, 

and periodontal disease. It can also prevent excessive loss of supporting bone after tooth extraction, affecting the appearance of the face and dentures. stability. 

It also avoids malocclusion caused by early tooth extraction, thus eliminating the trouble of orthodontic treatment.