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Why is root canal treatment so expensive?

Why is root canal treatment so expensive?

Some friends don’t take good care of their teeth, and put off problems again and again, and finally underwent root canal treatment on the advice of a doctor.

Root canal treatment actually removes the nerve from the tooth, cleans it, disinfects it, then fills it, and finally makes a crown. Next, let’s learn about the process of root canal treatment.

Conventional root canal treatment is briefly divided into the following steps:

1. Remove the carious tissue from the tooth, expose the pulp chamber, and use a pulp extraction needle to extract the infected pulp.

2. Measure the length of the root canal. Because the tooth is opaque, the length of the root canal must be measured with some instruments. 

Nowadays, a root canal length measuring 

instrument is generally used for measurement.

3. Use metal files to prepare the shape of the root canal, that is, to remove the dirt on the root canal. While preparing the root canal, the root canal must also be continuously 

flushed to ensure the cleanliness of the root canal.

4. After the root canal preparation is completed, depending on the condition, it is necessary to seal the root canal with disinfectant and follow up after a period of time.

5. During the follow-up visit, the original medicine will be taken out, the root canal will be sealed with permanent material, and finally the tooth’s shape will be repaired.


Why is root canal treatment more expensive?

First of all, root canal treatment is divided into three categories: anterior teeth, premolars (bicuspids) and molars.

The treatment for front teeth is the lowest because it is simple, followed by premolars, and the molars are the most expensive because the roots are complex and the operation is inconvenient.

In addition, for molars, usually molars have 3 to 4 roots, but the nerves in the roots may have multiple roots. Normal root canal treatment for molars refers to the cost of treating 3 nerves. 

If the number of nerves in the tooth exceeds If there are 3 wires, then each additional wire will cost an additional nerve.

In addition, if the tooth has had root canal treatment before, but it did not fully recover and the tooth became inflamed again, then the second root canal treatment will be more expensive 

than the first time, mainly because the second treatment is more difficult.

Therefore, the cost of root canal treatment is related to its difficulty. If you want to save money, it is recommended that you go to see a doctor at the early stage of tooth problems. Don’t put it off!