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4 common misunderstandings you must know about medical teeth whitening

4 common misunderstandings you must know about medical teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is getting more and more attention from everyone. Teeth can easily be contaminated by various substances and turn yellow. How to whiten teeth, what teeth whitening methods and teeth whitening products are most effective, 

must be everyone’s biggest headache. . Medical teeth whitening is one of the methods chosen by many people, but many people fall into misunderstandings. Let’s take a look at the following 4 common misunderstandings!

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the beauty of details. Neat and white teeth are also very important. When taking care of your skin, how do you take care of your teeth? With the advancement of medical methods, 

teeth whitening methods are also increasing day by day. If you want to whiten your teeth through medical technology, first understand the following four major misunderstandings!

4 common misunderstandings about medical teeth whitening. Don’t enter!

Misunderstanding 1: Medicinal bleaching has no side effects

Purchasing teeth whitening products through pharmacies, supermarkets or the Internet and using them yourself is a low-cost and extremely simple method for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening products include whitening toothpaste, 

dental veneers, bleaching films, bleaching gels, etc. However, due to the lack of medical guidance, if you use these products on your own, the whitening effect may not be good, and there is a risk of misuse and overuse. In addition, 

these products often contain bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide, sodium perborate, and hydrochloric acid, which may easily cause adverse reactions such as tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, and external resorption of the tooth neck and root.

Misunderstanding 2: There is no need to do a dental checkup before teeth whitening

Although teeth whitening is more serious and safe, it is not always said that everyone can do it. If you are a patient with severe periodontal disease seeking treatment, you may easily develop tooth sensitivity or even bleeding after teeth 

whitening through medical means. . Therefore, doctors generally recommend Dr. Gao Gao to wait until your periodontitis has healed before whitening your teeth. In addition, if you are under 18 years old and your teeth are not fully developed 

at this time, you are not suitable for teeth whitening. Pregnant women are also best not to have teeth whitening.


Misunderstanding 3: Medical methods can make everyone have white and shiny teeth like a star

Teeth whitening is essentially a method of making teeth that are “basically” better whiter and more beautiful. It is an icing on the cake treatment. If the color of your teeth is too dark, even through dental polishing, sandblasting, 

cold light teeth whitening and other medical methods, you will not be able to be as white and crystal clear as the stars' teeth, especially if you have severe tetracycline teeth and dental fluorosis. Among these three methods, tooth polishing 

and sandblasting will cause tooth structure wear, gum damage and even pulp damage, while cold light whitening will cause the least damage to teeth.

Misunderstanding 4: You can eat whatever you want after teeth whitening treatment

Within 48 hours after teeth whitening, it is not advisable to eat food that is too cold or too hot, and do not drink coffee, tea, cola and other drinks that have staining effects. In order to prevent the teeth from absorbing more pigments at this time, 

it is best not to eat foods that are easy to stain, such as mulberries, spicy hot pot, etc. within a week, and it is also not advisable to chew betel nut, smoke, etc.