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4 major misunderstandings about teeth whitening, don’t make any more mistakes after reading this!

4 major misunderstandings about teeth whitening, don’t make any more mistakes after reading this! 

As people's living standards continue to improve, people are not only paying more and more attention to skin whitening, but also to teeth whitening. 

The newly erupted teeth themselves are white, but due to careless brushing and mouthwashing, the teeth will turn yellow, which affects their appearance. 

Therefore, more and more people are paying attention to teeth whitening, hoping that their teeth will be flawless and their smile will look better. 

However, some people whiten their teeth excessively and fall into misunderstandings. Not only do they not whiten their teeth, but they also damage them.

What are the misunderstandings about teeth whitening?

1. No dental check-up is required before teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is not for everyone. If periodontal disease is severe, teeth whitening through some medical methods may cause tooth sensitivity 

and gum bleeding. Therefore, before teeth whitening, you need to do a dental check-up to see if there is any disease in your teeth. If so, 

you should treat the dental disease first and then whiten your teeth. At the same time, people under the age of 18 cannot have teeth whitening. 

The teeth are not fully developed and it will cause damage to the teeth. Pregnant women should also avoid teeth whitening because 

the medication may be absorbed by the fetus.

2. Medical methods can make everyone’s teeth whiter.

Medical teeth whitening methods mainly include tooth polishing, sand blasting, cold light teeth whitening, etc. 

These methods are best for teeth that are relatively white in nature and can become whiter and brighter like a TV star. However, 

these methods require good quality teeth, that is, relatively strong teeth. People with severe tetracycline teeth and dental fluorosis 

are not suitable for these methods because they will cause structural wear on the teeth, gum bleeding, pulp damage, etc. 

Therefore, don’t be overly convinced by whitening methods, but should be combined with your own situation.


3. There are no dietary restrictions after tooth whitening treatment.

It is not advisable to eat cold or hot food within 48 hours after teeth whitening, and do not drink colored drinks such as coffee, cola, tea, etc., 

for fear of staining the teeth. At the same time, it is best not to eat things with colors that are easy to stick to your teeth, such as mulberries, 

within a week. Smoking and betel nut are also not allowed.

4. Medicinal bleaching has no side effects

Some people buy whitening products on their own through stores or the Internet, and use them at will without the guidance of a doctor, 

such as whitening toothpaste, whitening film, bleaching film, bleaching gel, etc. The whitening effect of these products may not be 

particularly useful, and because they Contains bleaching ingredients, which may cause damage to the teeth themselves if used casually,

including damage to tooth enamel, tooth sensitivity, and bleeding gums.

Warm reminder: Teeth whitening should be taken seriously. Do not use the product casually and listen to other people's sales. After all, if the teeth are damaged, they cannot be restored. Brush your teeth carefully at ordinary times, master the correct brushing method and time, and protect your oral hygiene.