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Who is contraindicated in teeth whitening?

Who is contraindicated in teeth whitening?

I believe this is the taboo group for teeth whitening that everyone wants to know and understand the most. The editor has collected and compiled relevant information for everyone. 

I hope it will be helpful for everyone to understand the relevant content.

1. Teeth with dead pulp will fade quickly after bleaching treatment and are not suitable for cold light whitening;

2. Whitening agents have no effect on fillings and porcelain crowns, so these patients do not belong to the group of patients with cold light whitening indications. Collected and compiled 

by Medical | Education | Education Network;


3. Severe tetracycline teeth accompanied by enamel dysplasia, dental fluorosis, or discolored teeth caused by other factors may cause greater discomfort to the patient and are not an

 indication for cold light whitening;

4. People under the age of 16, pregnant women and patients with severe periodontal disease are not suitable for cold light whitening.