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"Children's pit and fissure sealants special issue for Children's Day, 99% of moms don't take it seriously."

  The following will introduce you to the June 1 special issue on children's fossa closure, 99% of mothers do not take it seriously. This will take you about two to three minutes to browse, thank you for reading:

What is "pit and fissure"?

Pit and fissure refer to the grooves and crevices on the uneven surface of molars in the oral cavity. They can increase the chewing surface area and enhance friction, facilitating thorough chewing of food. However, the pit and fissure area is sometimes deeply cracked, making it susceptible to the accumulation of bacteria that cause tooth decay. Children often brush their teeth hastily and not thoroughly, making it difficult to clean these areas effectively. Once bacteria invade the teeth, tooth decay can occur, gradually damaging the entire tooth and shortening its lifespan.



Vulcanization is to use a kind of organic polymer resin material which is harmless to human body and synthesized by light curing, and apply it in the cross-shaped sulcus of the teeth, and it can penetrate into the sulcus on the surface of the teeth in liquid state and cured by light. It forms a protective barrier to prevent bacteria and food residues from entering the sulcus, just like putting on a protective coat and armor for the teeth.

Is every child suitable for vulgarization?

Not every child needs a sealant treatment. Therefore, before deciding whether to do the treatment, we must visit a professional dental hospital for an examination. If a child is found to have deep and fissured fossa, he or she is more suitable for fissure closure treatment.

Will the gutter closure damage the child's teeth?

Vulcan sealing does not damage the tooth tissue, but only applies the closed material to the sulcus of the occlusal surface of the crown and the buccal and lingual surfaces to prevent the erosion of cariogenic bacteria and acidic metabolites to the tooth, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing the sulcus caries. The principle is that the liquid resin cures and hardens after entering the sulcus, forming a protective barrier that covers the sulcus and prevents cariogenic bacteria from entering outside, thus preventing sulcus caries. The closure is fast and painless.

Will I never get cavities if I have a fissure closure?

It is only effective to prevent sulcus caries. The so-called gully closure is a health care measure to prevent the occurrence of gully caries by using sealant to close the newborn permanent teeth or milk teeth with deep sockets without damaging the tooth body. However, this preventive effect is not 100% effective and the sealant is not permanent. If the sealant wears out or falls off, sulcus caries may still occur. Secondly, the occurrence of caries is not only limited to the sulcus, for children, the incidence of adjacent surface caries is also not low, and the sulcus sealing has no significance to prevent smooth surface caries, adjacent surface caries and root surface caries.


It is very important to develop good brushing habits to maintain oral hygiene, and parents are advised to regularly observe their children's teeth and see the dentist if problems are found to prevent them before they occur. The gutter closure is only a small part of the plan to keep children's teeth free from cavities in their lifetime, brushing, flossing, reasonable diet, controlling snacks and regular visits to the dentist are very important for children to have healthy teeth.

How long does it take?

Medically, there are four zones in the mouth: upper, lower, left and right. If the child cooperates, all four zones can be done at once, and it does not take long, only 20-30 minutes, because there is no abrasion of dental tissues, so there is no pain, what needs the child's cooperation is to open the mouth.

Do I need to review after closure?

It is usually not recommended for children to chew with the same side of the teeth on the same day after the closure. Although the effect of chewing is not particularly significant, there is still a concern that chewing may affect the effectiveness of the sealant. If both sides of the fossa are closed, it is recommended to take soft or liquid food on the same day.


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