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Will applying fluoride cause dental fluorosis or fluorosis?

Will applying fluoride cause dental fluorosis or fluorosis?

Regular use of fluoride under the guidance of a doctor, using fluoride toothpaste no more than twice a day, 

will not cause fluorosis or dental fluorosis. The following experiments were conducted in the United States. 

Children under 6 years old regularly supplement fluoride once a day, use fluoride toothpaste every day, 

and use fluoride 2 to 4 times a year. The conclusions indicated that fluoride intake had no negative effects on children.

So, choose to go to a public hospital or a professional dental hospital, or a dental clinic? This is everyone's freedom, it's better to decide according to your own needs. If you choose a public general hospital, you can choose a hospital with stomatology as the key department, so that it will be better, safer and more secure in terms of dental technology, doctor level, dental price and other comprehensive strengths.


If you choose a professional dental institution, such as a dental hospital, you can choose according to different specialties and doctors, because doctors are good at different items, such as porcelain teeth, removable dentures and implants. After all, "There is a priority in listening to sermons, and there is a specialization in art"!

In addition, it can be based on their own needs, for example, some people want to choose a hospital with a good environment, some people want to choose a hospital close to home, some people may choose a hospital because of the cost, and some people may choose a hospital because of the doctor's Skills and choose hospitals and so on.

It's up to each individual to make their own choice, but doctors recommend that you research hospitals and clinics thoroughly before choosing and, if possible, visit them.

In addition, don't choose according to the price, you can refer to the appropriate price plan when you see a doctor, don't blindly lower the price, but pursue the appropriate quality.