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Five precautions for pit and fissure sealing

Five precautions for pit and fissure sealing

1. Strictly prevent cross-infection: The operation process should be carried out in strict accordance with the "Technical Operating Specifications for Disinfection of Oral Diagnostic and Treatment Instruments in Medical Institutions", 

"Appropriate Technical Operating Specifications for Oral Prevention" and other requirements to prevent cross-infection.

2. The anti-caries effect of pit and fissure sealing is directly related to the retention rate of the sealant, so the operation must be strict and standardized!


3. During the treatment process, tight moisture barrier is very important to prevent saliva and water from contaminating the dried tooth surface and affecting the quality of pit and fissure sealant.

4. To carry out hygiene education work for parents, the consent and cooperation of parents must be obtained.

5. Psychological care of children is particularly important, and the cooperation of the children must be obtained, otherwise the curative effect cannot be guaranteed. The behavior induction methods commonly used in children's 

dental clinics for general children mainly include: verbal communication method, encouragement-based method, demonstration method, adaptation method, painless method, short-term operation method, parental companion method, 

covering mouth to stop crying, Observation probation method, environmental probation method. Adopt corresponding induction methods according to the different emotional expressions of children. Usually, the combined application of multiple methods will have better results.