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Seven major symptoms of periodontal disease

Seven major symptoms of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults in my country. The main symptoms are as follows. Please see the detailed introduction:

  1、 Changes in gums: Normal gums are pink, thin and close to the tooth surface, and the attached gums are a little colorful. When suffering from gingivitis, the free gingiva and gingival papilla turn bright red or dark red, the gingival margin becomes thicker, the gingival papilla is rounded and blunt, and no longer close to the tooth surface; due to the inflammatory infiltration in the connective tissue and the disappearance of collagen fibers, the original dense and tough gums It becomes soft and fragile and lacks elasticity; at the same time, due to gingival swelling or hyperplasia, the depth of the gingival sulcus increases, but the epithelial attachment level is still located at the normal cementoenamel junction, that is, false periodontal pockets appear.、


2、Bleeding tendency: Gum bleeding is often the main complaint of patients with periodontal disease, and it often occurs when brushing teeth and biting hard food.

3、 Periodontal pocket formation: Periodontal pockets are pathologically deepened gingival sulcus and one of the most important pathological changes of periodontitis. 

According to the position of the bag bottom, periodontal pockets can be divided into supraosseous pockets and infraosseous pockets; according to the extent that 

periodontal pockets involve the tooth surface, they can be divided into single-sided pockets, composite pockets, and complex pockets.


     4、Alveolar bone resorption: Alveolar bone resorption is another major pathological change of periodontitis. Due to the absorption of alveolar bone, the supporting tissue of the teeth is lost, and the teeth gradually become loose and eventually fall off or be removed. Alveolar bone resorption can be divided into several types: horizontal resorption, vertical resorption, and pit-like resorption.

    5、 Tooth loosening and displacement: Due to periodontitis, alveolar bone is absorbed and the periodontal supporting tissue is reduced, which is the main reason for 

tooth loosening; in addition, when bite trauma combined with periodontitis can also cause tooth loosening. Because teeth with periodontitis lack periodontal supporting tissue, 

pathological displacement of teeth may occur under the action of adverse jaw force due to bite trauma.

    6、 The gingiva and gingival papilla become round and pure: The main manifestations of gingivitis are that the gingiva and gingival papilla become round and pure, shiny, 

and the stippling disappears, the gingiva is soft and fragile, lacks elasticity, the gums bleed easily during probing, and there is local tartar or calculus. exist.

    7、 Pus overflows from the periodontal pockets: In addition to the symptoms of gingivitis, periodontitis also causes the formation of periodontal pockets. 

Pus may overflow in the periodontal pockets, and the teeth may become loose to varying degrees. The alveolar bone can be seen in X-ray photos. Absorbed to varying degrees.

If you find that you have symptoms of periodontal disease, you must seek treatment in time, because periodontal disease is a disease that is more effective the earlier it is treated. 

If it is not treated in the later stages, it will be difficult to treat.