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Six Reasons to Pull Wisdom Teeth

Six Reasons to Pull Wisdom Teeth

Many people often ask: Should wisdom teeth be removed? Generally, dentists will recommend wisdom teeth removal based on the following reasons:

1. Dental caries:

If the wisdom teeth are decayed, except for the simple caries that are not deep on the occlusal surface that can be filled, those caries on the adjacent 

surfaces require excellent technology, 

and those that are deeply decayed or even need root canal treatment, we all recommend extraction to prevent future troubles.

2. Invasion of adjacent teeth:

Generally, it is difficult for patients to find out by themselves, and a dentist needs to confirm it with X-rays. Generally, there is not enough space 

for the eruption of wisdom teeth, and they will fall on the second molars, which makes it difficult to clean the second molars, or even the appearance 

of partial absorption of the teeth, resulting in discomfort or toothache for the patient.

3. Lack of space:

Wisdom teeth are in a state of disappearance in the history of human evolution. Therefore, the dental arch is getting smaller and smaller, and the 

situation of lack of space is very common. Swelling and pain can be felt most when sprouting. Many people decide to have their wisdom teeth 

removed because they cannot bear the pain.


4. Not easy to clean:

Due to the lack of space, wisdom teeth often grow crookedly, which often makes it difficult to clean the teeth and easily causes dental caries.

5. Not clenching teeth:

As mentioned earlier, not everyone has all four wisdom teeth. Therefore, on the opposite side of the wisdom teeth, if there is no competing wisdom teeth to bite, 

sometimes the wisdom teeth will overgrow, which will affect the bite.

6. Impacted teeth:

Generally, this is the most annoying kind. Dentists will find it difficult to handle, but patients may not necessarily feel it, so they ignore it. 

This type of tooth is usually buried in the alveolar bone. If it hurts, or it is diagnosed that there will be a lesion, it needs to be extracted.