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What are the symptoms of dental nerve necrosis?

What are the symptoms of dental nerve necrosis?

       Dental tissue is a human organ, consisting of the crown, neck and root of the tooth. Tissue-wise, it is composed of enamel, dentin, and dental pulp. 

The pulp tissue provides nutrition and blood supply to the tooth. If the pulp tissue becomes diseased, acute and chronic lesions of the pulp may occur, 

and even pulp necrosis may occur. Dental nerve necrosis will cause symptoms such as chewing weakness, discoloration of the tooth crown, loss of pulp vitality, etc.


Causes of dental nerve necrosis:

Dental nerve necrosis may be caused by chemical factors, mechanical factors, or pathogenic bacteria. Chemical factors. Chemical factors of dental nerve necrosis 

include pulp inactivation drugs, such as arsenic trioxide, metallic arsenic, paraformaldehyde, etc. Mechanical factors include cavity preparation for caries removal, 

tooth preparation for crowns, long-term chewing on hard objects, long-term night grinding, etc. Bacterial factors include Streptococcus mutans, which causes deep caries. 

If deep caries is not treated in time, it will cause acute pulpitis or chronic pulpitis. If it is not treated in time, it will cause dental nerve necrosis, even periapical inflammation, 

and the pulp will lose vitality. , dental nerve necrosis.

Treatment of dental nerve necrosis:

       Dental nerve necrosis, generally clinically, needs to be treated accordingly according to the degree of tooth disease. If the crown disease is not particularly severe, 

the tooth can be preserved through root canal treatment. After root canal treatment, a post-core crown, a crown, or an inlay can be made. If the dental tissue defect is 

particularly large and cannot be preserved, the tooth may need to be extracted. Dentures can be repaired three months after tooth extraction.