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What are the causes of toothache in children?

What are the causes of toothache in children?

If a child complains of toothache, the first reaction of many parents is: Is it tooth decay? After the inspection, no cavities were found, what is going on? 

What are the common causes of toothache in children?

Toothaches are common in children due to two factors:

The first is tooth trauma. Children are lively and active, and newborn deciduous teeth are relatively fragile. If you don’t pay attention when playing, accidentally knock your teeth or bite hard objects while eating, It is easy to cause trauma to the teeth. If there is no tooth defect from the appearance and the child keeps crying for pain, the parents should take the child to the hospital as soon as possible, so that the doctor can check and treat it in time.

The second situation is tooth decay. Early tooth decay is painless. If there is pain, it means that the caries has reached the inside of the pulp cavity, causing the pulp tissue to become infected and inflamed, causing pulpitis, which will cause toothache. Condition. This kind of toothache baby is also indescribable and just screams pain, and it often occurs at night, which seriously affects the baby's sleep quality. If the tooth decay is not treated at this time, it will induce more serious root apex inflammation.


However, many parents often think that the deciduous teeth will fall off sooner or later, and there is no need for treatment. In fact, this kind of thinking is wrong, and it will cause more damage to the child's teeth. Why do you say that?

1. If the child loses multiple deciduous teeth prematurely, he may "swallow jujubes whole" when eating, causing indigestion.


2. Premature loss of deciduous teeth will cause the teeth next to the missing teeth to tilt or shift, occupying the eruption position of the permanent teeth below the missing teeth, causing the permanent teeth to erupt due to lack of space, resulting in crowded and uneven dentition, which in turn leads to occlusal disorder. deformed teeth.

3. Leading to premature eruption of permanent teeth below the missing deciduous teeth. The eruption of normal permanent teeth has a certain time and eruption sequence. If the deciduous teeth are lost prematurely, the corresponding permanent teeth below them will not be blocked by the deciduous teeth and erupt prematurely. The prematurely erupted permanent teeth are not long enough to withstand excessive chewing force, which will cause Damaged permanent teeth.


4. If multiple deciduous teeth are lost prematurely, the efficiency and function of chewing will be reduced, which will affect the child's eating and cause indigestion.

5. If one side of the deciduous tooth is lost prematurely, the child will automatically avoid chewing on the side of the missing tooth, 

and chew with the healthy teeth on the other side, which will lead to a developed masticatory muscle on one side, asymmetry of the left and right faces, and affect the appearance.


Seeing this, do parents still think that it’s okay if the deciduous teeth are decayed?

       Therefore, the doctor of the Stomatology Hospital recommends that parents take their children to the hospital for regular check-ups, 

so that the doctor can detect minor dental problems in time, and the sooner interventional treatment is performed, the easier and faster the treatment method will be.

       In addition, in daily life, it is necessary to develop healthy oral habits for children, and prevention is the best treatment method.