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What are the indications for root canal treatment?

What are the indications for root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is a procedure in dentistry to treat pulp necrosis and tooth root infection. 

Some patients have unbearable toothache and want to cure it through root canal treatment. So, what are the indications for root canal treatment?

There are three main indications for root canal treatment:

1. Pulpitis: The dental pulp becomes inflamed due to bacterial infection. The dental pulp is in the sealed pulp chamber and is generally 

not susceptible to bacterial infection. When a tooth has a hole due to caries and the hole is too deep, external bacteria will invade. Infection of the pulp in the pulp chamber.


2. Apical periodontitis: After the dental pulp is infected by bacteria, the bacteria will invade the alveolar bone through the apical hole, causing inflammation of the tissue around the tooth root apex. As long as the infected pulp is removed, the apical inflammation will subside.

3. Dental pulp exposure: When a tooth is broken and the tooth nerve is exposed, root canal treatment is generally required.