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Advantages and Disadvantages of Root Canal Treatment

Advantages and Disadvantages of Root Canal Treatment

What are the advantages and disadvantages of root canal treatment? The advantages and disadvantages of root canal treatment mainly include the following:

The main advantages of root canal treatment are:

1. Patients with serious systemic diseases (such as congenital heart disease, diabetes, tuberculosis, hemophilia, pernicious anemia, rheumatic fever, leukemia, 

hypertension, syphilis, etc.) can reduce the risk by choosing root canal treatment;

2. Root canal treatment can maintain the integrity of the natural tooth arrangement, prevent the displacement of adjacent teeth, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. It can also prevent excessive loss of supporting bone after tooth extraction, affecting the appearance of the face and the stability of dentures. Because the retention of teeth can solve some difficulties in making dentures;


3. Cost savings. Since root canal treatment can keep the natural teeth in an intact and biologically appropriate state without having to extract the affected teeth, there is no need to borrow adjacent teeth to support the denture device, eliminating abnormal pressure and reducing the cost of making dentures;

4. Avoid malocclusion caused by early tooth extraction, thereby eliminating the trouble of orthodontic treatment.

Disadvantages of root canal treatment: Root canal treatment does not really improve the oral environment, which is also the root cause of dental diseases 

such as tooth decay. Therefore, you must pay special attention to this aspect of health care after root canal treatment. Maintain the supporting balance of the oral environment.