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Why are there black substances in the gaps between teeth?

  Here is an explanation of why there might be dark substances in the gaps between your teeth. It will take you approximately two to three minutes to read. Thank you for your attention:

When comparing a set of white, well-aligned teeth to discolored, decayed, or crooked teeth, it's easy to understand which one leaves a better impression on others. Therefore, if there are black, plaque-like substances in the gaps between our teeth that cannot be removed by regular brushing, it is important to pay attention to this issue.


Why do black substances form in tooth gaps?


Reason 1: Pigment Deposits


If you are someone who enjoys drinking coffee, tea, or smoking, the black substances in your tooth gaps may be caused by pigment deposits. Even if you don't smoke, drink alcohol, or consume sugary foods, there can still be pigment deposits. In such cases, regular dental cleanings at a dental clinic can help remove them.



Reason 2: Tooth Decay (Cavities)


Another possibility is tooth decay, commonly known as cavities, which can also cause black discoloration. In such cases, it is usually necessary to get the tooth filled. Prior to filling the tooth, the decayed portion will be cleaned and then filled. In the early stages of tooth decay, filling the cavity is sufficient, but in the later stages, root canal treatment or extraction may be required.


If the black substances in your tooth gaps are related to dental calculus (tartar) and dental plaque, the treatment process can be a bit more complicated. Firstly, it is necessary to remove the accumulated tartar and dental plaque from the teeth, and then combine it with medication for treatment.


[Prevention is Better than Cure]


Even if you don't currently have any black substances between your teeth, it is important to remain vigilant and actively prevent dental issues. Don't wait until you experience toothaches or lose teeth before considering visiting the dentist, as it will not only consume your time and energy but also cost you money. Just like how replacing a broken roof tile is easy when it first cracks, it's best not to wait until it starts leaking.


1. Maintain good oral hygiene: Brush your teeth twice a day for three minutes each time, rinse your mouth after meals, and consider using dental floss. Try to avoid consuming sugary foods before going to bed and remember to brush your teeth after eating!


2. Limit carbonated beverages: Drink them sparingly, and rinse your mouth with water or diluted milk afterward. For those who smoke, it is advisable to reduce or quit smoking for the sake of your teeth.


3. Regular dental cleanings: This is the most effective way to remove dental residues, dental calculus, and dental plaque.


4. Tooth restoration: If you have cavities, promptly visit a reputable hospital for a comprehensive examination and tooth restoration. Avoid chewing food with freshly filled teeth to prevent damage or dislodgement.


If you don't spend time brushing your teeth, you'll have to spend time getting a dental cleaning. If you don't spend time getting a dental cleaning, you'll have to spend time getting tooth restorations. If you don't spend time getting tooth restorations, you'll have to spend time getting tooth extractions. Take care of your oral health and prioritize prevention!