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5 myths about teeth whitening that may not be true enough!

5 myths about teeth whitening that may not be true enough!

Everyone hopes to have whitened and straight teeth, which can enhance their personal temperament and improve their self-confidence. There are many ways to whiten teeth, such as dental veneers, cold light whitening and porcelain teeth, etc. To whiten teeth, avoid Enter into misunderstanding.

5 myths about teeth whitening that you shouldn’t take too seriously!

1. Use acids to whiten teeth

Weakly acidic substances can indeed whiten teeth temporarily, but they have drawbacks. If you use them by yourself, 

it will be difficult to control the time spent with you. If they last for too long, they may damage tooth enamel, causing uneven 

teeth and causing tooth loss. If you want to lose luster, you should choose a regular hospital and let the doctor control the 

time and frequency of using acidic substances.

2. Use tooth cleaning powder to whiten teeth

There is a kind of tooth cleaning powder on the market now that can whiten teeth and has the effect of removing stains. It mainly whitens teeth through friction, 

but it contains chemical properties and cannot completely clean away dental calculus. This is to remove the plaque attached to the tooth surface. Pigment, 

the effect is not very ideal, you should choose a regular hospital to clean your teeth with ultrasonic waves.

3. Use bleach to whiten teeth

Most bleaches contain hydrogen peroxide, which is very corrosive and can damage tooth enamel. The hydrogen peroxide content in toothpaste is not very large. 

If used for a long time without a professional treatment plan, it will directly damage tooth enamel and make teeth sensitive.


4. Teeth whitening with dental veneers

Using dental veneers can lighten the yellow or black color. If used for a long time, it will cause tooth sensitivity, especially if you eat sour, cold or hot food, 

you may feel sore. In addition, using activated charcoal to whiten teeth has no scientific basis.

5. Use the teeth whitening device at home

If you use a tooth whitening device improperly, it will damage your teeth. If you must use it yourself, you must choose a brand that is regular and of good quality. 

For teeth whitening, you should choose a regular hospital, such as porcelain dental veneers and cold light whitening. Everyone's teeth are different, 

so you need to choose the appropriate frequency and time.

Kind tips

Avoid the above misunderstandings when using teeth whitening. In addition, you should not use whitening toothpaste all the time. 

Whitening toothpaste contains rough abrasives. Although it can remove stains and smoke stains on the tooth surface, it will damage tooth enamel and teeth over time. 

In addition, the added friction agent is not soluble in water and will stay directly on the surface of the teeth for a long time, which will accelerate the wear and tear 

on the teeth when brushing. You cannot always use the same brand of toothpaste with the same function.