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What are the advantages of all-ceramic teeth?

What are the advantages of all-ceramic teeth?

All-ceramic teeth are a type of porcelain teeth. What are the advantages of all-ceramic teeth? What are the benefits of having all-ceramic teeth?

1. All-ceramic teeth do not hurt the teeth and fully have the functions of real teeth.

Making all-ceramic teeth requires grinding away part of the tooth tissue, only the uneven or damaged enamel is removed, and the dentin is not harmed, 

so it does not cause pain or damage to the teeth. Instead, the teeth are put on a strong "bulletproof vest" ”, making it protected from external bacteria 

and extremely wear-resistant, just like real teeth, without affecting eating and chewing at all.

2. All-ceramic teeth are highly durable.

It is made of imported materials and has been strictly tested and approved by international standards. It has good biocompatibility, 

fits more closely with the oral abutment teeth, and is completely compatible. Its hardness is comparable to metal, so there is no need to worry about porcelain chipping.


3. All-ceramic teeth are highly safe and protect the hard tissue and pulp of the tooth.

The production of porcelain teeth requires edge fit and sophisticated technology to ensure edge sealing. After the porcelain teeth are made, 

the entire real teeth are surrounded by gold. The force of chewing acts on the crowns and will not break or collapse. The adhesive and porcelain layer 

that bond the porcelain crowns have Good insulation prevents damage to the dental pulp from external stimulation and completely protects the hard tissue of the tooth.

4. The color of all-ceramic teeth is lifelike, almost close to the color of natural teeth.

Precise tooth preparation ensures sufficient porcelain layer thickness without damaging the tooth nerve. The restored teeth are as realistic as real teeth. 

Their texture and color are completely close to real teeth, and their reflection of light is as natural and soft as natural teeth.

Ordinary porcelain dental crowns are prone to oxidation reactions with saliva in the mouth, which means "rusting" as the saying goes. Over time, it will be harmful to the human body, especially for girls. If they have to consider having children in the future, it will have a certain impact on the fetus. Zirconia all-ceramic porcelain teeth have been sought after by more and more beauty lovers for their perfect aesthetic effects and sophisticated tolerance.