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4 dangers of porcelain teeth, you must be careful!

4 dangers of porcelain teeth, you must be careful!

Porcelain teeth are a method often used clinically to repair teeth. The shape of porcelain teeth is very similar to normal teeth, so they are sought after by everyone. On the other hand, people often ignore the care of porcelain teeth. You also need to pay special attention to care after having porcelain teeth. Improper care and maintenance will cause corresponding hazards. Let’s take you through the four hazards of porcelain teeth.

Dangers of porcelain teeth:

1. Unhealthy oral cavity prone to infection

Not everyone is suitable for porcelain teeth. If some people's oral conditions are not very good, for example, some people suffer from oral diseases such as periodontitis, gum bleeding, and gum swelling, which will easily lead to oral infection. Phenomenon, these people are not recommended to have porcelain teeth.

2. One-piece porcelain teeth can easily induce dental diseases

If you choose conjoined porcelain teeth, the force on the teeth will be very uneven when chewing, which will more easily cause the teeth to loosen, which will give some bacteria an opportunity to take advantage of; in addition, porcelain teeth When the teeth wear too much, the crown and pulp of the porcelain tooth will be too close, which can easily induce dental disease.


3. Porcelain dental materials cause allergies

At present, the porcelain tooth material commonly used in our country is nickel-chromium alloy, because its price is relatively moderate, and more people can afford such a price. However, one disadvantage of porcelain teeth made of this material is that it is not biocompatible with the human body. It is relatively poor and can easily cause allergies. Many people's gum tissue will appear black after wearing nickel-chromium alloy porcelain teeth for a period of time.

4. Cause gum recession

If the doctor grinds the teeth deeply when installing porcelain teeth, it will cause damage to the fibers between the attached gums and the teeth, and eventually the gums will recede.

The hazards of porcelain teeth are the four mentioned in the article above. I hope that patients who have porcelain teeth can take good care of their teeth and pay special attention to oral hygiene, so as to avoid infection and let everyone have a good mouth. Not only the appearance of the teeth is not affected, but eating is also not affected in any way.