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The main part of porcelain teeth chipping

The main part of porcelain teeth chipping

    Clinically, it is common for patients to seek treatment due to fractured porcelain teeth. Collapse of porcelain teeth is a common complication in the field of dental restoration. The main causes of chipping of porcelain teeth are:

1. Human factors:


    If the porcelain teeth are used to bite hard objects or hard food, such as opening the cap of a beer bottle, asking for sugar cane, etc., the accident may cause the porcelain teeth to be violently hit.

2. Quality issues and medical factors of porcelain teeth:

   The design and production of porcelain teeth are unreasonable. For example, the metal casting is too thin to support the ceramic layer, improper metal processing and ceramic processing, improper pre-oxidation treatment 

results in too thick or too thin oxide layer. Bite problems, such as grinding your teeth at night for people who wear porcelain teeth, can easily lead to porcelain chipping. Clinical factors, such as excessive force during porcelain 

testing or cementing, may also lead to porcelain collapse.