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Four major hazards of buried teeth

Four major hazards of buried teeth

During the eruption process, the teeth are hindered by the gums, alveolar bone or adjacent teeth, so they cannot be exposed in the oral cavity normally, and can only "ly lie" in the bones. Generally, it needs to be photographed to see them, 

which are called impacted teeth.

At present, it is easier to grow impacted teeth with wisdom teeth, followed by canines (tiger teeth), bicuspids and second molars.

What are the dangers of buried teeth? The four points are summarized as follows:

1. Unexplained pain

Some toothache, or facial pain, can't find the cause, be careful that there are embedded teeth growing in the bone!


2. Crowded teeth

Teeth embedded in the bone will have a squeezing effect on the surrounding teeth, which will cause the teeth to move and cause crowding of the teeth.

3. Cause loose teeth

Ambush teeth will irritate the adjacent teeth for a long time, causing the root of the tooth to resorb, resulting in loose teeth.

4. Formation of cysts and tumors

Some impacted teeth will form cysts and tumors.