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Features of adult orthodontics and problems that should be paid attention to

With the development of social culture and the improvement of orthodontic technology, the demand of adults for orthodontic treatment is increasing. In addition, with the in-depth research on the mechanism of malocclusion, some serious bony malocclusion must be corrected with surgery in adulthood in order to completely restore its stability, balance, beauty and function. There is a big difference between adult orthodontics and adolescents, and the following points should be paid attention to during orthodontic treatment: Oral diseases, adults have a higher caries rate than adolescents, and most of them are accompanied by different degrees of periodontal disease, residual crowns, residual roots, and missing teeth in the mouth etc. are more common.


In addition, attrition and temporomandibular joint dysfunction are common occurrences, so the orthodontist must work with other dental specialists to determine the treatment plan. The adaptive reconstruction of adults is not as good as that of teenagers. The metabolism of bone tissue is slow, the tooth movement is slow, and the range of movement is also limited. Therefore, a small amount of tooth movement is generally used for treatment. Moreover, due to the long process of muscle function and occlusal adjustment, the maintenance time should be relatively prolonged. The adult facial and maxillary growth has been basically completed, and the deformity is clear, so the growth potential cannot be used for treatment, and the method of moving teeth is mainly used.

Most adult malocclusions have established a compensatory occlusal balance during long-term chewing exercises, so it is not possible to design tooth extraction, arch expansion, etc. with the goal of ideal alignment as in early orthodontics. Instead, functional integration should be the goal. To the extent possible, according to the characteristics of the individual, the purpose of improving the appearance of the oral cavity is achieved under the condition of ensuring the health and function of the oral cavity. Patients should be fully prepared before undergoing correction. Because the course of correction is long, the average is about 2 years. The number of follow-up visits is high, and orthodontics is difficult. Patients should actively cooperate with doctors to complete the entire orthodontic process.