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What is sinus lift surgery?

What is sinus lift surgery? 

Maxillary sinus internal lift (closed maxillary sinus lift), during the process of implantation, the ratio of curved tomographic images (or maxillary CT examination) is restored to accurately 

and determine the distance from the alveolar crest to the maxillary sinus floor.

The implant socket was prepared with a circular drill, and when it was drilled close to the maxillary sinus floor, 

the columnar bone obtained through the implant socket was lightly tapped with the maxillary sinus lifting instrument to separate it from the maxillary sinus floor mucosa.

Due to the concave or convex top of the internal lifting device and the use of the stopper, 

effective protection can be provided to prevent rupture and perforation of the maxillary sinus floor mucosa.


Then, the bone can be taken from the outer side of the ascending ramus of the mandible

the chin, etc. or mixed with artificial bone such as Bio-Oss, and the maxillary sinus floor mucosa can be pushed up from the implant socket to separate from the sinus floor bone, 

and the bone graft sent through the implant socket The material enhances the sinus floor, and the implant can be implanted at the same time as the bone graft is completed. 

However, if the bone is too thin to provide the initial stability of the implant, a second-stage implant restoration can be selected.