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Why is there such a big difference in wisdom tooth extraction charges? Look at these 3 charts you will understand

  The following will introduce you why there is such a big difference in the charges for wisdom tooth extraction? This will take about two to three minutes of your time to browse, thank you for reading:

On the Internet, there are often patients who ask:

Why is it so expensive to have a wisdom tooth extracted?

My colleague and I went to have our wisdom teeth extracted together, but the price was different! Is it true that the doctor has cheated me?

  I have to tell her in good conscience that it doesn't! Wisdom tooth extraction charges are supposed to vary from person to person! I would like to take this opportunity to explain to you the reasons for the big difference in the price of wisdom tooth extraction.

Everyone's wisdom teeth look different

It is important to understand that people are born differently and wisdom teeth grow differently. Our wisdom teeth are not all docile and will grow out normally when the time comes.



Various growth states of wisdom teeth


Look at the above picture of these wisdom teeth growth position, really strange. Wisdom teeth but once the growth position of the deviation, it is necessary to introduce another word, obstructed teeth.


Wisdom teeth in the jawbone due to improper position, can not erupt to the normal biting position, is called obstructive wisdom teeth.

Although it is very expensive to pull the blocked teeth, especially those who do not feel pain may refuse to pull the blocked teeth and then secretly rejoice that they have saved a fortune ...... blocked wisdom teeth if they are like this in the picture below, the consequences are endless and must be removed.



Obstructed wisdom teeth


Obstructed wisdom teeth must be removed and are far more difficult to remove than regular wisdom teeth.


Why does the price of wisdom tooth extraction vary so much?

As mentioned above, there are many different types of wisdom teeth, and they grow in different positions, which makes it difficult to remove them.

So, how much is a wisdom tooth extraction? Experts say that it depends on the specific situation of the patient's mouth.


In general, wisdom tooth extraction prices range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars
  • If there are conditions such as tooth decay, inflammation or calculus in the mouth that require standardized treatment prior to wisdom tooth extraction, thereby increasing the total cost of wisdom tooth extraction;


  • In addition, depending on the location of the wisdom tooth, its structure is also somewhat different. Some patients have extremely complex wisdom tooth structure and need to take X-rays to understand the bottom structure of the wisdom tooth before extraction, so the price of wisdom tooth extraction is higher.


Simply put, the fees may vary from institution to institution, including hospitals, mainly based on the difficulty and trauma of the procedure.


There are some orthodontic wisdom teeth, the extraction process is relatively easy and the procedure is relatively simple, so the cost is not too high, but there are some wisdom teeth that are tilted, even horizontal, or buried in the bone, buried in the flesh of the tooth, then the soft tissue needs to be cut, the surrounding bone needs to be removed, and there are some that need to be removed by minimally invasive surgery, as little as possible to remove the bone, and then the tooth In some cases, minimally invasive surgery is required to remove as little bone as possible, and then the tooth is divided into small pieces and pulled out one by one, which will be correspondingly complicated and the price may be increased accordingly.


This chart below is for reference only. The fees vary from place to place and from method to method of tooth extraction.





How do I know what my wisdom teeth look like?

Hold up a mirror and count back from the center incisor. If you have 8 teeth, then your wisdom teeth have come in! If there are only 7 teeth, or if you only see a little bit of them coming out, then you don't know what the wisdom teeth are like under the gums.



In this case you can only see by taking a panoramic view of the oral cavity:



Are you also curious about what your wisdom teeth look like and how much it costs to remove them? Hurry up and go to a professional dental hospital to do an oral examination and take an oral panoramic film, not only to understand your overall oral health, but also to know, what your wisdom teeth really look like.