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The story of Vickong Dental

These dentists have been driven crazy by patients who don't listen to medical advice ......

  The following will introduce you to these dentists have been disobeyed by patients crazy ...... related content, this will take you about two to three minutes to browse, thank you for reading::

There are always patients who can turn the calm white angel into a white "madman".

Those who have promised to do what they were told

On the day of follow-up, they all turn into

"Ah, I forgot"

"Doctor, I can't help but take it."

"Is there such a thing?"

What can a white angel do?

Can only be quiet as a chicken ah, the inner tremble ah ......

Let's take a look

Those you do not follow the medical advice

Children's dentistry

Doctor: The child's teeth are rotten mainly because he eats too many sweets, from now on, try not to give him candy to eat.

Parent: Can I eat cookies?

Doctor: ......

Parent: Can't you eat salty cookies too?

Doctor: ......

Your lovely doctor has vomited blood offline ......



Doctor: do not drink milk at night to sleep, the child is already so big, do not milk to sleep, not good for teeth, but also not conducive to sleep and growth and development of the child.

Parent: Then he won't, he will cry!

Doctor: Then all his teeth will be rotten!

Parent: Then doctor, do something about it!

Doctor: ......

(You are his mother, you can not do anything, I said the way you do not listen, I am also very desperate ah)



Maxillofacial Surgery

Doctor: Didn't you say to abstain from drinking and eating for 8 hours before surgery?

Patient: I didn't drink any water, didn't eat, and just nibbled on two apples.

Doctor: ......

(Apples are not food!)



Patient: Doctor, after the last wisdom tooth extraction, I came to remove the stitches

Doctor: Good, come and lie down.

...... searched for a long time

Doctor: When did you have the tooth extracted?

Patient: About 2 weeks ago

Doctor: I thought it would take a week to remove the wires! I can't even find the threads!

Patient: I thought it was a small thing ......

Doctor: ......


Doctor: It's time for you to come in and have your stitches removed

Patient: Removal of stitches? I was away on a business trip!

Doctor: ...... I told you that the stitches would be removed in a week!

Patient: I thought they were all absorbable stitches now, isn't that what they say on TV?

Doctor: ...... medical advice medical advice! I have told you a week to remove the thread ah!




Doctor: Your root canal is done, observe for 1-2 weeks, if there is no discomfort, go to the restorative department for braces.

Patient: Do I have to get braces?

Doctor: Your tooth is missing too much, although it is filled up for you, but if you don't do braces to protect it, it will be easy to bite and crack.

Patient: So! Then I'll do it next week.

Six months later ......

Patient: Doctor, the tooth I had filled yesterday started to hurt when I bit it.

Doctor: Where are the promised braces?

Patient: I don't feel anything when I eat from that tooth, so I forgot to get braces.

Doctor: ......

(Too good to blame me?)



Doctor: Your tooth is fixed, you should pay attention to oral hygiene in the future.

Patient: Will it stop rotting in the future?

Doctor: It still has a lot to do with your oral hygiene, if you don't brush your teeth properly, you may still get rotten teeth.

Patient: Then I will brush my teeth once a day.

Doctor: ......

You used to brush only once?

Patient: Well, I used to brush casually.

Doctor: ......



Brush your teeth three times a day for three minutes each time, and learn the proper way to brush your teeth.

Patient: Three minutes is too long I can't brush.

Doctor: ......

(Then don't call me if you rot your teeth. ~~~~)


Doctor: Your root canal treatment for this tooth has been completed, usually you should pay attention to protection, do not bite hard, tough things.

Patient: Huh? Is it that you can't bite hard things lately or in the future as well?

Doctor: You can't bite anything in the future.

Patient: Doctor, what are considered hard?

Doctor: For example, shells of nuts, crab shells, beef jerky, etc.

Patient: Huh? I usually like to eat crabs, can I eat less of them?

Doctor: No.

Patient: How about not biting the crab pincers, but only the legs of the crab?

Doctor: to teeth or crab, you choose yourself, choose the crab legs, and we do not meet in the future ......



Doctor: You can't eat anything too hard during the orthodontic process

Patient: Can I eat apples?

Doctor: You need to cut it into small pieces and then eat it

Patient: What about nuts?

Doctor: ......



Patient: What should I do if my iron (brackets) are loose?

Doctor: You need to make an appointment to come and glue it back in time, too long a delay will affect the effect of treatment.

Patient: Can I come back in 1 month?

Doctor: ......


Doctor: Brush your teeth after eating three meals during the orthodontic process to maintain oral hygiene

Patient: But the class is so busy, it is too late



Patient: Doctor, it's so troublesome to hang rubber bands, I often forget

Doctor: No, the rubber band is used to close the gap between the teeth and adjust the relationship between the upper and lower teeth, which is very useful.

Patient: But I still don't want to hang it.

Doctor: ......


Restorative Medicine

Doctor: You can't sleep with your dentures on at night, you have to take them out of your mouth and soak them in cool boiled water or tap water before you go to bed.

Patient: I should be okay to sleep with it on, right?

Doctor: This is not allowed. Sleeping with them on can cause the teeth next to the dentures to rot, and the mucous membrane underneath the dentures does not get enough rest.

Patient: Then I'll sleep with it on after brushing my teeth.

Doctor: ......

(What if you swallow your dentures in the night while dreaming of eating something delicious?)

Doctor: porcelain teeth, all-porcelain teeth installed after the diet needs to pay attention to a little, especially hard such as crab feet, pecans and so on need to use tools to clamp open before eating.

Patient: This denture is so unstable ah.

Doctor: metal porcelain teeth and all-porcelain teeth outer layer of porcelain powder sintered composition, usually can not chew too hard food, in order to avoid chipped porcelain phenomenon.

Patient: Then I do not need to eat this side is not good.

Doctor: No, long-term unilateral chewing may lead to joint problems, but also ......




Doctor: This fixed denture is installed for you, you still need to pay attention to oral hygiene and brush your teeth every day, especially this one.

Patient: Why do I need to brush my teeth if the dentures are not glued in place and sealed?

Doctor: Dentures are wrapped around the outside of your natural teeth. Although dentures do not decay, real teeth may still decay.

Patient: So can I use these dentures for the rest of my life?

Doctor: ......

(natural teeth also do not use a lifetime this is not also early retirement)





Doctor: Smoking is not good for the treatment of periodontitis, I hope you can quit smoking.

Patient: I can't do that, I have to socialize every day, so I can't quit smoking.

Doctor: If you can't quit smoking and don't cooperate with our treatment, the effect on the treatment of periodontitis will be very poor.

Patient: I'll try to smoke less, I used to smoke a pack a day, now I smoke half a pack a day, is that okay?