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The story of Vickong Dental

Dr. Chan Ho Hei


Dr. Chan Ho Hei

  • Vickong Honorary Advisory Director
  • Vickong Honorary Consultant in Orthodontics
  • Vickong Orthodontist
  • Bachelor of Dentistry, Guangzhou Medical University
  • Director of the Dental Department of a municipal tertiary public hospital
  • Tsinghua University postdoctoral cooperative expert doctor (dentistry)
  • Honorary member of ICOI International Society of Implant Dental Specialists
  • Honorary member of iACD Contemporary International Dental Association
  • Diploma in Orthodontics, Sun Yat-Sen University Stomatological Hospital
  • Diploma in Dental Implantology, Guangdong Provincial Stomatological Hospital

He has been working as a dentist for nearly 20 years. He graduated from Guangzhou Medical University. He studied orthodontic treatment at the Stomatological Hospital Affiliated to Sun Yat-Sen University. He studied oral implant restoration at the Guangdong Provincial Stomatological Hospital. He once worked in the Department of Stomatology at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University. Work, worked as a department director in the Department of Stomatology of the Second People's Hospital of Shanwei City for many years, accumulated dental clinical medical experience in a tertiary hospital, and published "Observation on the Curative Effect of Surgery-Orthodontics Combined Treatment of Labial and Palatal Maxillary Impacted Canines " and other academic papers.


Dr. Chan Ho Hei has received more than 3,000 cases of orthodontic treatment. He is a certified senior dental expert of many well-known domestic and foreign orthodontic brands such as Invisalign Invisalign Invisible Orthodontics, Times Angel Invisible Orthodontics, Smartee Invisible Orthodontics, etc. He is an elegant orthodontist. He always insists on The front line of orthodontic diagnosis and treatment is a good dentist who is loved and trusted by the public! The diagnosis and treatment work adheres to the practical concept of medicine, with superb medical technology and professional dentist's perspective, to realize the combination of dental aesthetics and stomatology.


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