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Macau Tooth Extraction Prices: Affordable and Reasonably Priced

Many friends in Macau often inquire, where can they find affordable tooth extraction prices? Where can they get the best value for money when it comes to tooth extraction? And where can they find dental services with reasonable charges and customer-friendly prices? Introducing the Vickong Dental Chain's Zhuhai branch, which offers cost-effective tooth extraction services to residents of Hong Kong, Macau, and Zhuhai, making it a worthwhile comparison when considering options like dentists in Zhuhai, Gongbei Dental Clinics, or dental care in Macau.

Why is it said that the prices at Vickong Dental are affordable and the charges are reasonable? Since Vickong Dentall has adhered to an open and transparent fee standard since 2008, insisting on charging in full accordance with the published fee standard, except for special circumstances after the site, the consultation fee is the final treatment fee, and there will be no increase in the price during the operation and there will not be any additional charges.Members of the public do not need to worry about the price .

Some friends in Macau may ask: Will the charges be the same for the same dental conditions? Because everyone's tooth condition is different, so everyone's price will be different. For example, if someone needs to remove the upper jaw wisdom teeth, the difficulty of removing the upper jaw wisdom teeth will be lower, so the price will be lower than other types of wisdom teeth extraction, about 300 people. However, if it is an impacted wisdom tooth, the operation will be more difficult and the cost will be higher, about 800 people. Everyone's specific physical condition is not the same, so you need to go to the clinic after a professional examination by a doctor to determine your problem first. After making an appointment, you can be exempted from asking for consultation fees, CT fees, X-Ray fees, and professional doctors provide treatment programs.

Then there are friends in Macau who will ask: the price of tooth extraction is relatively flat, but will the gesture of the doctor be relatively poor? To that question, I can answer with absolute certainty, "Absolutely not!" Chen Yunping, director of Zhuhai Vickong Dental, is a famous doctor with a master's degree in national 985 University, and the director of the stomatology department in a public top-three hospital. He has more than ten years of professional oral treatment experience, and Zhong You Doctor Wu Hailing, Doctor Zhou Hong and Doctor Li Xiawen have rich oral treatment experience. In addition, in the recruitment principle of doctors of the Vickong Dental medical ethics have always been the first priority. Every doctor of Vickong Dental has high medical ethics and excellent medical skills, and every doctor puts patients first and wholeheartedly thinks about the problems from the perspective of patients.


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