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The cost of full mouth removable dentures in Macau

When your oral health is severely compromised, with extensive missing teeth or significant tooth loss, full mouth rehabilitation becomes essential to restore your dental health. As part of this full mouth rehabilitation, considering full mouth removable dentures may be an option.

Removable dentures, as the name suggests, are dental prosthetics that can be put in and taken out by the patient for cleaning. They do not require surgical intervention and typically come at a more affordable cost. However, compared to fixed false tooth ,their stability tends to be less optimal. In terms of the cost for full mouth removable dentures in Macau, what would be the general expense?

 The full mouth moving denture fee ranges from 6000 to 10000 patacas, and the full mouth moving denture fee may increase to 20000 patacas due to special circumstances. And the cost of a full mouth adsorbent denture starts at 30,000.

The process of making full mouth movable dentures is as follows:

1. Check the patient's mouth for any wound after tooth extraction or periodontal disease.

2. Make dental mold to make dentures and test the soft tissue fit degree.

3. Make intra-oral bite wax bank to obtain the vertical height of dentures.

4. Try and trim dentures in the mouth.

5. Complete denture, tissue surface and occlusal adjustment


After learning about the cost of full mouth moving dentures and the process of full mouth moving dentures, friends in Macau should know that it is very important to choose a cost-effective dental chain and technical professional doctor to do full mouth moving dentures. Zhuhai Vickong Dental meets the above requirements. With the help of Zhuhai Weigong Vickong Chain Branch, Zhuhai Vickong Dental charges 600 RMB for ordinary denture, 2200 RMB for Bego base, 200 RMB for resin denture, and 8000 RMB for adsorbent denture (half mouth). Relative to Macau full mouth activity denture costs are not small, more recommend Macau friends. Zhuhai Vickong Dental  does not have any hidden consumption, the price is open and transparent, make an appointment in advance to enjoy free CT, X-ray and no consultation fee, at the same time, we are launching a medical roll activity, we can get 400 yuan medical roll for a limited time. If you need to visit Vickong Dental Group, please make an appointment in advance! 


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