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Where is a good place to see a dentist in Macau? — Sharing Real Patient Experiences with Macau Friends

Where is a good place to go for dental care in Macau?

Many friends in Macau seeking dental care often ask this question. So, what qualities make a dental clinic "good" for dental treatment?

1、it is essential to have a professional dentist, as only a competent practitioner can effectively address your dental issues. Key factors to consider include the dentist's educational background, certifications, and years of experience

2、the level of service provided by the clinic is crucial, as it directly impacts the quality of dental care received. It's important to evaluate the clinic's service philosophy and ascertain whether they are genuinely dedicated to serving patients' best interests. Otherwise, one might end up feeling taken advantage of.

3、Most importantly, the sense of responsibility demonstrated by both the dentist and the clinic is crucial. A responsible dentist will consider the patient's perspective, empathize with their feelings, and thus provide better assistance. A responsible clinic adheres to the fundamental principles of healthcare, avoiding overtreatment and additional expenses, ensuring accountability to the patient.

Miss Chan, a Macau resident and a student, lives on a modest budget. She has been coping with an untreated missing tooth. Despite her desire to get a dental implant, Miss Chan struggles to find a suitable clinic in Macau due to the exorbitant costs, typically exceeding MOP 20,000. Price-sensitive, she has been uncertain about where to seek good dental care in Macau.Later, through a referral, Miss Chan learned about VICKONG Port Dental's Zhuhai branch. Upon consultation, she discovered that getting an implant in Zhuhai is much more affordable compared to Macau. Using the same Swiss ITI materials, the procedure costs only RMB 9,800 at this clinic, and the dental expertise is on par with Macau's clinics. Dr. Chen, who leads the implant procedures, is a former chief at a prestigious public tertiary hospital with extensive implant experience.After gaining this knowledge, Miss Chan decided to visit VICKONG Port Dental in Zhuhai for a pre-implant examination. During her consultation, the clinic made it clear that the initial examination and CT scan were completely free of charge, and there would be no aggressive sales tactics during the treatment process; the total fee was exactly as advertised online.Satisfied with this information, Miss Chan proceeded with the implant procedure at VICKONGPort Dental. Six months later, she had a fully functional and healthy tooth.

From Miss Chan's experience, it's evident that VICKONG Port Dental's Zhuhai branch genuinely prioritizes patients' needs, offering quality dental care at an affordable price for Macau residents. If you're wondering where to find good dental care in Macau, VICKONG Port Dental in Zhuhai stands as a reliable choice!


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