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Macau denture braces price

        What are dentures? When do I need to wear dentures? Dentures are denture crowns, which can also be called artificial crowns or artificial dentures, which simply means that you put a brace on the surface of your teeth that is exactly the same color and texture as your teeth, that is, you wear a delicate coat for teeth that are not in good condition. In general, there are four conditions that require dentures: to protect fragile teeth from decay, to restore broken or damaged teeth, to improve the appearance of teeth, and to patients who are not suitable for orthodontic treatment.


How much is the price of dentures in Macau? The price of dentures in Macau is mainly determined by the material of the dentures. There are three main materials for dentures: metal, porcelain and gold, and all ceramic.

Macau denture set price: metal material

The price in Macau is about 7,000-10,000 patacas. The advantages of metal are that it will be more durable, and it can be integrated with the teeth, which means that the teeth will not be easily damaged and can help us chew. Disadvantages: The aesthetics are poor, the color is unnatural, and it is more suitable for use in the back teeth.

Macau denture set price: porcelain fusion gold

The price in Macau is about 10,000-22,000. The advantage of porcelain fused with gold (porcelain crown) is that it is a material that mixes porcelain and metal, which is not only better than metal, but also has the performance of metal. Disadvantages: The aesthetics are only better than metal, but there are still some differences with natural teeth, and they may be broken due to partial cracking of porcelain.

Macau denture braces price: all ceramic

The price in Macau is about 18,000-35,000. The advantage of all-ceramic is that it can perfectly match your teeth, and the color is not much different from normal teeth, which is very natural. Disadvantages: The price will be more expensive than other materials, relatively fragile, and relatively easy to break.


After understanding the types of dentures and the price of dentures in Macau, where can Macau friends go to get dentures more cost-effective? The price of dentures in Macau is relatively high. It is recommended that friends from Macau come to Zhuhai to get dentures, which are made by Zhuhai Vickong Dental, porcelain fusion gold braces cost 799 yuan, and Eltron all-porcelain teeth only cost 1500 yuan. It is less flat than the Macau system, and there is an after-sales guarantee, so Macau friends do not have to worry about quality problems. Vickong Dental that there will be no additional charge, and the price on the form is the final price.


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