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Macau Orthodontic Price 2024

Friends who want to have braces in Macau will find that the price of braces in Macau is really uneven, and the average price of a traditional braces is between 40,000 and 70,000 patacas, and if you plan to do semi-invisible braces or invisible orthodontics, the price will be higher.

The price of braces in Macau is determined by many factors, mainly the types of braces, mainly metal braces, ceramic braces (translucent braces), and transparent braces.

Macau Braces Price 2024 Introduction: Metal Braces

The cost of making metal braces in Macau is about 25,000 to 40,000, depending on the condition of each person's teeth, there is no common charge. Generally speaking, the time for metal braces is 24 months, the specific time varies from person to person, and the treatment period requires monthly follow-up, the effect of this kind of braces is usually relatively fast, and the price will be less, but the braces will be obvious in appearance, and the aesthetics are poor.


Macau Braces Price 2024 Introduction: Ceramic Braces (Translucent Braces)

Ceramic braces are basically the same as traditional braces, but because the braces are made of ceramic, the cost will be higher than that of metal braces, about 35,000 to 50,000, but the final price depends on individual circumstances. Since the material is made of ceramic, the color of the braces is similar to that of real teeth, which can be made into a transparent effect, and it is not obvious when using the same image in daily use, which is more suitable for those who want to use the traditional braces and have aesthetic requirements.


Macau Braces Price 2024 Introduction: Transparent Braces

Transparent braces are also invisible orthodontics, invisible orthodontics is a new way of braces that has emerged in recent years, the price of Macau is about 40,000 to 60,000, transparent braces are made of transparent plastic, so they will have an invisible effect when wearing, and they can be removed when eating and brushing, and they can be removed by themselves, so it is more a test of whether the wearer is self-disciplined enough, which will not affect the quality effect, and in addition, they are not suitable for complex tooth problems.


After learning about the price of braces in Macau, you should feel that the price in Macau is more expensive, but the price of braces in Zhuhai is not less than that in Macau, for example, Zhuhai Vickong Dental only needs 6,600 people for conventional metal orthodontics, and 15,000 dolls for metal self-ligating orthodontics. If you need aesthetic braces, it is more recommended to do ceramic braces (translucent braces) or transparent braces, the two orthodontic methods are more expensive than metal orthodontics, but the aesthetics are better, especially transparent braces, which are not easy to notice, but they are the more expensive of all the correction methods, Macau basically needs more than 40,000 but only 18,800 people are needed for Zhuhai Vickong Dental.


Zhuhai Vickong Dental has no hidden consumption, the price is open and transparent, it will never joke about the safety of customers, and it has always resisted excessive medical treatment. Make an appointment in advance to enjoy free CT, X-ray and free consultation fee.

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