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Wisdom Teeth Torment a British Man for Months, Causing Him to Commit Suicide due to Unbearable Pain

 Below, we will introduce you to the related content of "Wisdom Teeth Torment a British Man for Months, Causing Him to Commit Suicide due to Unbearable Pain?" This will take you about two to three minutes to browse. Thank you for reading. Why do doctors always recommend extracting wisdom teeth?

A real-life tragedy occurred due to toothache. According to the Daily Mail on October 21, a man named Hopkins in the UK committed suicide by hanging himself while waiting for the National Health Service to extract his wisdom teeth, as he could not bear the excruciating pain.

The cost of extracting wisdom teeth for Hopkins was approximately £1,500 (about RMB 14,000). He had saved up £900 (about RMB 8,300) and would have been able to book private treatment in a few weeks.

It has been reported that if you want to extract impacted wisdom teeth in London, you may have to wait for up to six months and pay around £2,000 (about RMB 17,000). The high cost of dental care in the United States is world-famous, and some Chinese people are willing to take a flight back to their home country to seek dental treatment.

Do wisdom teeth serve any purpose? 

Why do dentists always recommend extracting wisdom teeth?

Among gum diseases, wisdom teeth are one of the most disliked types because the pain caused by them often occurs and brings great trouble to our daily lives.

The standard for many people to decide whether to remove wisdom teeth is simple: if it hurts!

If your wisdom teeth start to ache, it means that they have deeply affected the health of your gums and teeth.



Can you immediately extract a wisdom tooth if it is inflamed and causing pain?

No, you cannot. If the wisdom tooth is inflamed or infected, extracting it immediately may cause the infection to spread to other areas, making it difficult to control the infection. It is safer to wait until the inflammation is under control, and the area is no longer swollen or painful before extracting the tooth.


What kind of wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Whether or not wisdom teeth need to be removed varies from person to person, and it's best to have a dental X-ray taken before making a decision. Generally, if the wisdom teeth are buried inside the jawbone and causing pain or are at risk of developing dental diseases, they need to be removed. In some cases, wisdom teeth may also need to be removed to create space for orthodontic treatment.



The correct method of tooth extraction will not cause adjacent teeth to become loose. Teeth are not held in place by crowding against neighboring teeth, but rather by the roots anchored in the jawbone, which are firmly attached to the bone through the periodontal ligament. Tooth loosening is often seen in severe periodontitis, where the jawbone has resorbed, roots become exposed, and teeth lose support from the periodontium, which can ultimately lead to tooth mobility or even loss. The correct method of tooth extraction will not damage the periodontal tissues of adjacent teeth, and therefore generally does not lead to adjacent teeth becoming loose.


Does it hurt to extract wisdom teeth?

There may be some pain when administering the anesthesia, but during the actual extraction process, there is generally no pain due to the effect of the anesthesia. However, you may feel the force of the tooth being moved. Nowadays, "minimally invasive tooth extraction" is advocated, which can gently remove the tooth in small pieces, avoiding excessive bone removal and minimizing the trauma. Minimally invasive tooth extraction can result in less pain and swelling after the procedure, as well as a lower risk of infection at the surgical site.

The above is all the content about "Wisdom tooth causes severe torment for months, 38-year-old British man commits suicide due to unbearable pain". Thank you for reading. If you have any other questions, please feel free to consult our professional doctors.