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What are the four types of people who can not have dentures?

What are the four types of people who can not have dentures?

1. After the wisdom teeth are pulled out, there are 28 teeth left in our mouth. Many people’s teeth are used to a certain extent, 

and when the maintenance can’t keep up, some teeth begin to loosen and fall off or be cariously extracted. 

If the teeth fall out in front of the wisdom teeth The tooth that the doctor refers to as the No. 7 tooth may not be inlaid in the following cases.


2. The front teeth are well kept in their positions and can function normally, or the front teeth are broken and can function after a doctor's 

diagnosis and treatment. Then the two 7s facing up and down are missing at the same time. Inlay 7, the short dental arch formed 

by the front 12 pairs of healthy teeth can also satisfy the chewing function; if the two 7 facing up and down are missing one, 

you can choose to inlay or not according to the patient's wishes or the doctor's medical needs.

3. When the elderly have reached a certain age and do not have any requirements for eating, the 20 healthy teeth in the mouth can also meet the chewing requirements.

4. Another situation is that there is no space for inlays at the position of the missing teeth. In this case, no inlays can be made without affecting the function.