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How long does it take to fill a tooth?

How long does it take to fill a tooth?

There is a saying in dental hospitals: If a small hole is not repaired, a big hole will suffer. Doctors recommend that patients with caries and missing teeth should have them repaired as soon as possible. Don’t lie to you. This is due to the short course of treatment, low cost, ease of treatment, and minimal cost to retain teeth to the maximum extent. So how long does it take to fill teeth? Here’s how. Take a look.

1. Filling time

If it is just a general filling, if there are no other lesions on the tooth, it can be filled directly, usually within 2 hours at most. This depends on the conditions of the hospital you choose and the quality of the doctor. If the dental pulp is diseased, you cannot directly fill it. You must first treat your dental pulp before you can fill it, which will require waiting time, so be sure to check whether there are other diseases on the tooth. For office workers, you must first understand the time, otherwise your trip will be in vain. For patients with dental caries, they must first get close to the carious tooth residue before filling. If the caries is not too serious, the caries can be filled directly after the carious tissue is removed. If the caries is deep, treatment will need to be postponed.

2. Things to note when filling dental cavities

(1). Please choose a regular and professional dental institution for filling and repairing. Regular and professional dental institutions have cutting-edge equipment, technology and experienced doctors. At the same time, they strictly follow the disinfection of dental equipment and one person at a time, which can effectively avoid oral infection during the filling process. Pain and other problems occur.

(2). Before filling a tooth, the dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination of the patient's oral cavity. If there is inflammation or other lesions in the oral cavity, comprehensive treatment is required.


(3). On the day of filling, you should avoid eating on the side with the filling, because most filling materials take a while to harden. When the dental filling material has completely hardened, the tooth can continue to perform its chewing function.

(4). Follow the doctor's advice and do not chew food or hard objects on newly filled teeth. After filling a tooth, it is generally advisable to chew food on the affected side for the second time to prevent tooth fracture and filling material falling off.

The above is an introduction to how long it takes to fill a tooth. I believe everyone already understands that if there is a cavity, it must be filled. If the embryonic tooth is not discovered and treated as soon as possible, as the embryo develops, it will proliferate from superficial to mesodermal or deep. When the damage is more serious, the tooth nerve will need to be extracted for root canal treatment. The procedure is more complex. It generally requires three to five visits to the hospital to complete, and the cost of quality is higher.