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Mouthwash usage guide

Mouthwash usage guide

As people pay more and more attention to oral health, the selection and use of oral cleaning products has become a hot topic. Mouthwash is a common oral cleaning product that is loved by everyone because of its convenient and simple use and its functions of sterilizing and freshening breath. Today I will explain to you the specific functions and usage of mouthwash.

Mouthwash functions:

      Mouthwash is a new type of oral cleaning product, generally divided into therapeutic mouthwash and health care mouthwash.

Health-care mouthwash: generally does not contain any medicinal ingredients. Its main function is to remove food residues in the mouth and freshen breath. You can buy it in the supermarket and use it yourself.


      Therapeutic mouthwash: Generally used for people who cannot brush their teeth normally due to special reasons. Medicinal mouthwash can only be purchased according to a doctor's prescription. It is mainly used for patients after oral surgery, or to treat periodontitis, tooth sensitivity, Oral diseases such as gingivitis and oral ulcers can also be antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. The usage, dosage and course of treatment of therapeutic mouthwash need to be followed as directed by your doctor.

How to use mouthwash:

      After brushing your teeth, pour the mouthwash into the container according to the specific dosage indicated on the mouthwash bottle, then put it into your mouth and swish it for about a minute so that the mouthwash can fully contact the teeth and gums in the mouth and clean the mouth as much as possible Remove food residues from every corner of the mouth and give full play to the role of mouthwash.

There is no need to rinse your mouth with water after using the mouthwash. If there is a lot of foam in your mouth after using the mouthwash, you can rinse it with water.

      Mouthwash is useful, but it is not a substitute for brushing your teeth. If you simply use mouthwash, food residue and soft dirt will still remain in the gaps between the teeth, and bacteria in the gingival sulcus or around the teeth will continue to multiply. Merely relying on mouthwash to prevent dental caries and treat periodontal disease has a very limited effect. Moreover, long-term use of therapeutic mouthwash can lead to imbalance of oral flora and cause new oral diseases. Brushing your teeth is the most important way to clean your mouth.