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How to prevent double rows of teeth in children?

How to prevent double rows of teeth in children?

First of all, parents should gradually feed their children some foods that are moderately hard and tearable. For example, you can give your child an apple, chewable food such as sugar cane, corn, peanuts, etc., so as to maintain a good stimulating effect on the deciduous teeth and promote the deciduous teeth to fall out on time.

Parents should supervise their children and correct their bad habits, such as lip biting, tongue biting, whistling, pencil biting, etc.

Secondly, parents should let their children develop good hygiene habits and brush their teeth regularly. Eat less sweets and pastries, drink less sugary beverages, rinse your mouth and brush your teeth in time after eating.


Double rows of teeth can not be extracted

specific analysis

If parents are unsure

It is recommended to take the child to the dental clinic and hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time

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