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What does filling a tooth mean?

What does filling a tooth mean?

Teeth are very important organs of the human body. When many teeth are accidentally injured or dental problems are caused by tooth decay, tooth fillings are needed. Artificial materials are used to repair tooth defects. The materials used for repair are called filling materials. So what does tooth filling mean? Below Let’s find out together.

1. The meaning of dental fillings

The patient went to a clinic or hospital for an examination and found tooth decay. The doctor recommended filling the tooth, otherwise the nerve would be exposed and cause tooth pain. 

Dental filling is a method of repairing tooth defects with artificial materials, including the two main steps of cavity preparation and filling. The artificial substance used to repair a tooth is called a filling material. 

All dental tissue defects caused by dental caries, wedge-shaped defects, trauma, etc. need to be repaired to restore their appearance and function. When the lesion involves the dental pulp, 

causing tooth pain or even periodontitis, the pulp should be treated first to resolve the pain, and then the tooth can be filled. Tooth filling is to repair the original tooth. The traditional filling materials include amalgam, 

glass ionomer cement and different resins. Some materials are no longer commonly used in clinical practice. Now there are imported glass ionomers, nano-resin inlays, etc., which are both beautiful and durable. 

Patients can choose appropriate materials based on the condition of their teeth and their own conditions.


2. Things to note when filling teeth

(1). On the day of filling, you should avoid eating on the side of the tooth because most filling materials take a while to harden. When the filling material has completely hardened, the tooth can continue to chew. 

Generally, the teeth on the affected side are used to chew food on the 2nd or 3rd day after filling.

(2). Mild pain or discomfort may occur within a week after tooth filling. You can observe it by yourself first. Most children's symptoms will gradually relieve. If the pain worsens or spontaneous pain or night 

pain occurs in children, they need to come to the hospital to register for follow-up consultation in time.

(3). Try to avoid eating sticky and hard foods within 24 hours after filling to prevent the filling material from loosening when you accidentally chew on the affected side.

The above is an introduction to what filling teeth means. I believe you all already understand that for dental defects, many friends who love beauty choose fillings to realize their desire for healthy teeth. However, after filling dentures, you need to know how to maintain dentures. Go to the hospital according to your situation. , the doctor can also recommend you to get dental veneers. Of course, the doctor will tell you in detail the best time to get your teeth veneered and other related issues.