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Tooth decay does not hurt and needs to be filled! ! !

Tooth decay does not hurt and needs to be filled! ! !

Many friends have had this experience

The toothache is overwhelming and sleepless all night

I thought to myself, "I must find time to go to the dentist!"

But once the pain stopped, I thought again:

"Going to the dentist is scary and expensive, let's talk about it later..."

As a result, the toothache did not go away, but got worse!

I can't sleep due to toothache, it seems to have no end!

You can only spend more money on dental fillings!


Tooth decay causes pulpitis

Caries progresses from the surface to the interior over time.

From the beginning, it was just enamel damage without pain symptoms, and then the pulp cavity was eroded, leading to inflammation of the pulp tissue, resulting in spontaneous and paroxysmal severe pain, especially when sleeping at night. If it is not treated in time, it may lead to pulp necrosis, apexitis, periapical abscess, jaw osteomyelitis, etc. Root canal treatment is required to save the tooth, and in severe cases, the tooth may even need to be extracted. Therefore, once tooth decay occurs, it should be filled in time even if it does not hurt.


How to tell with naked eyes?

There are usually three stages of tooth decay, so you can take your pick:

The first stage: There is a black line on the biting surface of the tooth, indicating that tooth decay has begun, but it is not painful or itchy. Pit and fissure caries will appear and the tooth must be filled in time;

The second stage: small black holes appear on the teeth, indicating moderate tooth decay, further bacterial corrosion, accompanied by sour and sweet tooth sensitivity, and black decaying substances (products of bacteria). At this time, repairs can still be made.

The third stage: More than half of the tooth is rotten, indicating severe tooth decay, bacteria has damaged the dental nerve, and is accompanied by severe pain. Dental neuropathy requires root canal treatment (picking the nerve of the tooth) to save the scarred tooth.

If the small hole is not repaired, the big hole will suffer.


As the saying goes: If a small hole is not repaired, a big hole will suffer.

Tooth decay is the natural enemy of dental health. Many people have tooth decay since childhood. Tooth decay not only causes tooth pain but also affects eating and chewing, thus affecting the growth and development of children. The front teeth also affect the appearance and pronunciation.

Deep cavities are formed in the teeth. At this time, only timely fillings can prevent the further development of tooth decay. Therefore, tooth fillings must be done as early as possible.

Why should tooth fillings be done early?

If you have tooth decay (caries), it should be repaired as soon as possible. After repair, the development of caries lesions can be prevented, the function of the teeth can be restored early, and the integrity of the dentition can be maintained.

If not treated in time, the lesions will become larger and larger, develop from shallow caries to deep caries, and become sensitive to food stimulation such as hot, cold, sour, sweet, etc. When the damage reaches the pulp of the tooth, it will cause pulpitis, and the toothache will be very serious at this time.

When the disease progresses further, it can cause apical inflammation, periapical abscess, even osteomyelitis of the jaw, and tooth loss. Dental caries and missing teeth will affect chewing, increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, and thus affect physical health.


1. Pay attention to oral hygiene in daily life;

2. Brush your teeth in the morning and evening, conduct regular oral examinations and clean your teeth;

3. Remove dental plaque and calculus in time to reduce the damage caused by plaque and calculus to teeth; thereby reducing the risk of caries.