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Two Notes on Orthodontics for Adults

Two Notes on Orthodontics for Adults

In the process of orthodontics, two issues should be paid attention to; in the process of orthodontics, periodontitis is one of the problems that patients worry about.


Controlling plaque is the most effective solution, and it is mainly carried out by brushing teeth carefully in the morning and evening.

However, due to the uneven alignment of the teeth and the existence of the appliance, it has brought certain difficulties to oral hygiene. Therefore, some parts that are not easy to clean (such as the covered tooth surface under the arch wire) can be cleaned with a gap brush. After brushing your teeth, look in the mirror to see if there is still dirt on your teeth and aligners; when brushing your teeth, you should use fluoride toothpaste.


Mouthwash has a certain inhibitory effect on the bacteria in the mouth. During orthodontic treatment, when self-cleaning is difficult, mouthwash can be used in a short period of time in order to prevent or remove plaque.

In addition, some people worry that orthodontics will make the teeth loose or even fall out. In fact, it is normal for the teeth to loosen slightly during the orthodontic treatment. This has to do with the structure of the mouth. After the orthodontic treatment is completed, after a period of maintenance (that is, the aforementioned retainer), the teeth will become as stable as before.

However, if you feel that the teeth are too loose during the treatment process, there may be other problems. You should find a stomatologist as soon as possible to deal with it, or even stop the treatment.