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Here are a few things you need to know before adult orthodontics!

Here are a few things you need to know before adult orthodontics!

Adult orthodontics is more complicated than adolescent orthodontics. Malocclusions in adults are often accompanied by other oral diseases, such as caries, periodontal disease, missing teeth, tooth wear, residual crowns, residual roots, etc. Before starting orthodontic treatment, periodontal disease should be fully controlled and intraoral restorations should be removed.

Adults must know these things before orthodontics

1. Treat periodontitis

Most adults suffer from varying degrees of periodontitis, with alveolar bone resorption, gingival recession, 

and even serious tooth misalignment, such as tooth elongation, forward tilt, tooth gap or loss, etc. Moving a misplaced tooth 

in the presence of periodontitis will accelerate alveolar bone resorption.

Therefore, it is necessary to receive necessary periodontal treatment before orthodontic treatment, such as tooth cleaning, subgingival scaling, flap scaling, etc., and the teeth can be corrected only after the periodontal inflammation is under control.

2. It may cause the original potential lesion to develop

During orthodontic treatment, the original underlying lesion may be induced. Orthodontic treatment must be temporarily suspended when symptoms such as pain, pus discharge, and tooth looseness occur, and the orthodontic treatment can only be continued after the diseased tooth has been treated.

3. Those with potential joint diseases should pay attention

Those with underlying joint diseases are prone to symptoms of joint dysfunction during orthodontic treatment. When you have joint pain, you should tell your doctor in time for diagnosis and treatment.

Before orthodontics, those who have symptoms of temporomandibular joint dysfunction should consult with relevant doctors first. Due to its complicated pathogenesis, orthodontics is only one of its treatment methods and needs to be coordinated with treatment.


4. Improve facial appearance

Since adults have no growth potential, for craniofacial deformities caused by mild to moderate skeletal disorders, orthodontic means can only be used to cover the part by moving teeth to improve the appearance of the face. Severe jaw developmental deformities or those who require a complete improvement in facial shape can be resolved through plastic surgery.

5. Teeth clenching and bruxism (including bruxism)

Teeth clenching and bruxism (including night bruxism) are not conducive to the health of periodontal tissue and will aggravate periodontal inflammation. When such symptoms occur, you should promptly inform your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

6. Suffering from diabetes, blood disease and other systemic diseases

People who suffer from diabetes, blood disease and other systemic diseases, or take steroids for a long time will affect the health of periodontal teeth, so they are not suitable for orthodontics.