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How to straighten adult teeth?

How to straighten adult teeth?

Generally, the teeth of minors can be corrected by traditional methods, but as adults, how should the teeth be corrected? : Orthodontics for adults can be corrected with cosmetic crowns. It only takes 7 days to completely correct the teeth, no need to extract teeth, and no need to wear braces. The whole process is painless technology in the United States. Cosmetic crowns are permanent, and general cosmetic crowns are suitable for the following friends with dental problems:


1. Dental crowding, protruding teeth, discolored teeth, fluorosis teeth, and tetracycline teeth of young and middle-aged people over the age of 18;

2. Protruding teeth, undercovered teeth, misplaced teeth due to older age or too long orthodontic time;

3. Individual dentition required by work or occupation;

4. Deformed dentition that is not easy to correct.