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Orthodontics for Adults

Orthodontics for Adults

In the process of orthodontic treatment for adults, there are some issues that need to be paid attention to.

1. Aesthetic requirements: In terms of aesthetic requirements, adults pay more attention to the beauty of the lip area and the improvement of the overall appearance, especially the neatness and symmetry of the upper incisors, the restoration of the midline, the coordination of the proportion of the face and the improvement of the smile line. In adult orthodontics, try to use some masking methods to reduce its social impact. And after the orthodontic treatment, if the shape and size of the teeth in the anterior region are abnormal, attention should be paid to restoring the shape of the crown and trying to improve the relationship between the lips and teeth. In the selection of aligners, the aesthetic requirements should also be considered as much as possible. You can choose ceramic brackets similar to the tooth color, transparent resin brackets, etc.

2. Psychology: The orthodontic motivation and treatment mentality of adults are more complex than those of children. Be more sensitive to the evaluation of those around you. The impact of treatment outcomes on patients' mental health and social behavior was also more prominent. Therefore, before the treatment, it is necessary to fully understand the motivation of the treatment, pay attention to the psychological observation before the treatment and carry out specific explanation work. For patients with psychological disorders, try to persuade them to receive psychological counseling first.


3. The principle of applying force: the alveolar bone of adults is mostly resorbed, and the clinical crown grows, so we choose to use light force in the treatment.In the early stage of treatment, the use of light force can activate the activity of periodontal tissue cells, which is beneficial to tissue remodeling. In the future, gradually increase the force value as the treatment progresses, in order to obtain the most appropriate force for the individual.

4. Course of treatment and maintenance: Adults undergo orthodontic treatment, because they can actively cooperate with treatment, are sensitive to reactions, and can keep oral hygiene clean, so the course of treatment is often shorter than expected. There are some ambiguous places, but relatively speaking, the adaptive remodeling ability and bone tissue metabolism ability of adults are not as good as adolescents, the tooth movement is slower, and the remodeling and adaptation time of perioral muscles is longer, so compared with adolescents, the course of treatment and maintenance The time is relatively long, and some patients may need to maintain it for life.