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Precautions for adult orthodontics, what are the precautions and hazards of adult orthodontics

Precautions for adult orthodontics, what are the precautions and hazards of adult orthodontics

Many adults miss the best time for orthodontics, so it is more difficult to have orthodontics, but this does not mean that adults cannot have orthodontics. 

If they are really dissatisfied with the alignment of their teeth, adults can also go to a regular hospital for orthodontics. So what are the precautions for orthodontics for adults? 

What are the side effects of orthodontics for adults? In this regard, the family doctor interviewed Lan Qing, the chief physician of the Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Medical University online, 

to answer the precautions and hazards of orthodontics for adults.

What are the precautions for adult orthodontics?

The precautions for adult orthodontics are: patients with periodontal disease should first treat the periodontal disease well, and then insist on wearing retainers. 

If the periodontal disease is not treated well before adult orthodontics, the teeth are easily injured during the process of moving the teeth. In addition, 

extensive repositioning of teeth is generally not advocated. After the correction is completed, the retainer can be worn for two years or even longer, 

allowing the teeth to have a better stabilization and adaptation process.


Wearing a retainer after orthodontics is important

It is very important to wear a retainer after orthodontics, because after the orthodontics are in place, the surrounding soft tissue and bone tissue 

need to undergo a process of reconstruction, the surrounding muscles must undergo a process of adaptation, and even nerve reflexes need a 

long reconstruction process to re-adapt to the coordination process. This process takes a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to wear a retainer 

for one and a half or even two years after orthodontics to stabilize the teeth in one position and ensure its effect.

What are the hazards of adult orthodontics?

The biggest problem with adult orthodontics is poor bone remodeling ability. Adult orthodontics must first treat caries and periodontal disease, 

and then use the correct method to move the teeth in the bone correctly, so that there will be no harm. Generally speaking, large-scale mobile 

teeth are not advocated in adult orthodontics, and there is no way to expect bones to have a large remodeling ability. Therefore, the principle of adult orthodontics is: 

use the simplest method to solve the main problem.

Generally speaking, orthodontics for adults is not as effective as orthodontics for teenagers, but if adults have the need for orthodontics, you can also consider regular hospital stomatology for orthodontics after careful consideration. Know the relevant precautions before treatment, and wear the retainer correctly after correction.